Spaze Windu

Opaque LP


Includes a digital downloadcode and stickers.

Master: Staub Audio Engineering
Cover: Alexa Ramthun & Arsalan Azimi Montazer
Letters: Abend:RTO
Layout: OhhNice!

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Spaze Windu is back with another instrumental joint. With his first release on „Am Apparat Records“, the Bremen based beatsmith showcases his versatility again. The musical range spans from classic sounds, as on „Comin Tru“ (with Repete23) or „In the Basement“, to more smooth and laid back tracks, such as „Steckling“ or „Aurora“ (with Kid Kaba). A distinct positive vibe can be felt throughout the entire LP, with an organic handmade sound and drums that certainly knock. Y’all know the deal! As on his previous releases „Escapism“ (Postpartum Records) or „Heliophobia“ (with Herr König), Spaze Windu is accompanied by various skilled musicians from his musical cosmos: Bigups to Luk the Dude and Repete23 for them mad dope cuts, to Marco Zügner and Ruven Weithöner for their instrumental contributions, as well as Charlz & Kid Kaba for their fly Vocals.

As the title might be misleading: „Opaque“ is your perfect summer soundtrack.